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ikapaMedia East AfricaikapaMedia East AfricaikapaMedia East Africa

“Supporting the Growth of Small & Medium Enterprises in Kenya for Economic Development”

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Who We Are

We are specialized Trade Fairs and Exhibition Organizers and also support other Trade Fairs Organizers in the region by provision of various services required to accomplish the tasks.

What We Do

We provide International Trade Fairs and Conference Marketing organising and facilitation services aimed at supporting International Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Trade Missions.

Why Choose Us

We support international businesses who would like to do business with East African Entrepreneurs. iKapaMedia E.A ltd operates in East Africa
Our Services

International Trade Fairs, Conferencing, Executive Business Tourism and Diaspora Service!

Conference / Trade Fair Organising

Exhibitor / Trade Visitor Services

Conference / Trade Fair Facilitation

Business Tourism

Business Delegation Services

Accomodation / Transport Booking